This part is a “work in progress” personal database of Northern plants/animals.
That’s part of the training for the “international Wilderness Guide” course. Theory is my weakness, I’m more at ease in practice, so for me the best way to learn it is to do it that way…

I have 350 species to learn…
I plan to add 5 per day all and I will learn 5 per day during the the year.
So this is more like a useful tool on it’s first role, but I will keep it active after for other plants etc!

You can see it as a personal project!

Note :
I can’t show it on public because I used some visual from internet and I might have some troubles with copyrights (I already had a warning).
So, when I would have replaced all the visuals by mine, I would open this section to public and you will be able to take it for free (Because I don’t care about my own copyrights).
10 years in digital design industry were enough to disgust me of this system.
Culture should not be monetised but opened and shared to everyone.

Meanwhile: No choices!
I have to obey this stupid copyright system while I’m not using my own pictures…

So, sorry if you can’t see more 🙁

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