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So if there is a [FR] on a post: It’s in French (sorry).

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1/4 – Hi wilderness folks!

Across this website, I share with you my emotion about travel and wilderness!

So if you are calling by the forest, if you love to hike and explore the world with eyes wide open, if you like to setup your tent in the middle of nowhere and seek wilderness… well, you are on the right spot!

I talk about my experiences in outdoor travel, I tell you some stories, I give some advices, I talk about equipments…
Travel is not only moving elsewhere: If you learn nothing, there’s no goal to travel!
More simply, this website is about travel and wilderness! Easy right?


2/4 – Who I am?


Torres del Paine, Patagonia.

Hey, I’m Hervé !

I lived a while in Canada (2007>2009).
I went there alone, knowing no one and my main goal was to explore the wilderness wonders of this awesome country.
During those years, I’ve made some road trip, in Canada but also in USA. I’ve been almost everywhere in the Québec State and explored a big part of the east coast of USA.

On summer 2008, with 3 friends, we made a really long trip across Canada, by bus and cheap!
From Montréal (QC) to Whistler (BC) and return. We stopped everywhere along the road!
3 weeks, Wild camp, Couchsurfing, Hiking, 10200km, 145h by bus.
I made something like 20 hikes in Canada…

Everything starts from this journey!

Here’s my full Canadian travel map :


3/4 – Hiking and travel around the world!

2011: First “round the world” trip:

I went on a low budget trip, alone, for 9 month, with the desire to explore wild places around the world. My equipment was a 70l outdoor backpack, 17kg including tent, slepping bag, hiking gear, Autumn and spring clothes. Everything I needed to be able to hike everywhere on 3 seasons.
On 9 months I’ve made 28 short hikes, the longest one was 5 days. Some on trails, some out of tracks! This trip led me to wilderness.

Maybe you know already some locations:
West coast trail, Torres del Paine W, Milford track, Aconcagua, Atacama, Tongariro Alpine crossing, Abel Tasman trail…

Here’s the best instants of this trip (Subtitles):


#PROJET 702 : 9 mois autour du monde en solo from Yanaki on Vimeo.

I have some basics skills in bushcraft, sometimes I fish or hunt small animal if I need it.
I specialize myself more and more on light travel:
My backpack for few months travel never get more than 13kg.

A french radio broadcast “Allo la planète” (Hi planet!) invited me to talk about my big trip.
You can listen it right bellow (English subtitles)!
I tell a story about an experience on the Andes, at the bottom of Aconcagua (Argentina), with some creepy rattlesnakes…

Projet 702 sur LeMouv. from Yanaki on Vimeo.

2012 to 2015: Explore northern Europe

Between 2012 and 2015, I’ve made some trip in northern Europe…
Norway: Exploring Lofoten Islands
Sweden: 4 days hike into Sarek national park
Iceland: 2 hikes – 6 days
Finland: A small hike in Noux national park


2015: Second “round the world” trip:

I left again for a second bien trip alone, 8 months with multipurpose minimal gear (12kg).
Always with my tent and hiking stuffs.

I went in the Himalayas in Nepal and I’ve done a 7 days hike without a guide or carrier (Annapurna Base Camp). But the first goal of this trip was a long time project I had:
Across central America from Ecuador to Mexico, only by ground in few month: Done!
On every trip I raise the level a bit higher. That was a bit more dangerous than usual (Alone, crossing all countries in Central America, you get the point I guess… ).

I’ve made some volunteering missions along the way:
I worked in an organic coffee farm, I help a wild center to list every birds in a National park in Amazonia and also worked in tons of guesthouse to kept my budget low.


2017: Wilderness!

I lived and worked in 4 countries (France, Canada, USA and Australia).
I’ve been in over 38 countries on every continents and I spent more than 4 years outside my own country.
I Speak 3 languages: French (native), English (Fluent), Spanish (Medium).

For long, my way of life was : 2 years work > Few month of travel > 2 years work > etc
I was a really low consumer: Everything I bought was for traveling and outdoor purpose…

For the last 10 years I was Digital designer, but now I just decided to quit this world and focus my energy on wilderness.
So, between August 2017 and June 2018, I went to train myself to become “International Wilderness Guide” in Finland. I now have the diploma and a “snowshoe guide” position for winter season 2018.
My new lifestyle can now start!

So far so good!

Please check my travel map: http://www.wildernorth.com/blog/map/

Bon voyage !